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9/19 42

9/19 42

42 On September 19, 1979, at 4:19 am in room 319 I came into the world laughing (or so I am told and yes that is a lot of 9's and 19's). Maybe that is when God instilled in me the ability to look at life a little differently. Now some of you have done the math and...

8/30 We Are Almost There

8/30 We Are Almost There

WE ARE ALMOST THERE... God has blessed us with many people seeing the vision and need for a bigger laundry room in order to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives! Currently, we are at 92% of the full match to reach this month's goal. Will you consider giving...


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Tejas is more than just a camp. And your position here is more than just a role waiting to be filled. How your story intertwines with Tejas’ story is important – to you, to us, to God. Tejas is a grounds for growth, an opportunity for personal, professional, and spiritual development, and a place used by God to usher in life-transformation.

We seek like-minded individuals to join us in this We are seeking like-minded individuals to join us on a mission to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.


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