Dining Hall: Phase Two

If you have been on Tejas property recently you have probably seen lots of dump trucks, excavators, dirt piles, and the occasional open hole in the ground. All of this means we have officially started Phase Two of our Dining Hall expansion! To prepare for this...

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Wildflower Grove Bunk Houses

We continue to make progress on our bunk houses. Our wonderful builder, Jatzlau Construction, has poured the foundation on the last two bunk houses and was ready to begin the framing work. So what do you do when your project is on schedule? Ask your builder a...

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Books, Jesus, & Perspectives

Our Director, Paul, is very passionate about reading, and has recently encouraged everyone on staff here to read more. Personally, I love to read and the challenge to read just offered further incentive to keep doing what I have been doing. I’m a creative type, and...

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Simple Black Frames

So I got new glasses this past week. I’ll spare you the whole story-just know that I should’ve had something in or on my eyes for quite a while now. I knew my eyes were bad, but I guess I didn’t realize how bad. I guess that happens when your eyes get adjusted to...

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Cunningham Terrace Update

Were you one of the thousands that came out to see us during Lights of Tejas? If you went to our midway area, you probably noticed we had started work on the new Cunningham Terrace. Back then, in December, only the posts and roofs of the Terrace were in place and...

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Announcing The Names Of Our New Bunk Houses

The construction on the six new bunk houses at Tejas continues to move forward at a brisk pace and so do the plans for the interior decoration once construction is finished. Today we reveal the names for these new facilities. As you might remember the bunk houses...

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We’ll Miss You Barbara

We are saddened to hear the news of Barbara Cunningham's passing. We have enjoyed getting to know Barbara over the last few months. Tejas has grown in to a place where God can transform lives because of special people like her. Barbara was not content to sit on the...

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The other day I updated my phone for the very first time. I should have done it quite a while ago, but I kept putting it off. I finally took the time to do it. Yes, I know. I’ve been living in the dark ages for a while. Anyway, I was really excited to update it,...

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